Arts & community

Mullumbimby has a unique and special community and Lulu’s is proud to be a part of it. Lulu’s is happy to support Mullum’s people, arts culture, and environment.

Live music

Lulu’s has live music playing every Saturday from 11.00am to 1.00pm (unless it’s raining). If you are a talented musician and are looking for a gig we would love to hear from you.

Art displays

Our walls are adorned with works from local artists and are available to buy. These rotate on a regular basis and we are always interested to hear from new artists.

Suspended meals and coffees 

We have a suspended meal and coffee system thanks to the support of our incredibly generous customers. You can chip in to ‘pay it forward’ and buy a meal or a drink for someone who is down on their luck. 


Getting coffee to go? We offer a discount to customers who bring their own cup or use one of our ‘Keep Cups’.